Packaged Type Air Conditioners
  • In the range of different types of 9,5 – 120 kW,
  • Special insulation and solid construction,
  • High-performance, low power consumption and silent operation of the device,
  • According to pressure forward curved blades centrifugal fans frequently or infrequently swept,
  • Between -18 °C to +45 °C temperature operation of,
  • High-efficiency heating and cooling coils,
  • Can easily removable filters.
  • Service, maintenance and installation easily.
They are the devices used for heating and cooling the spaces. Main Body: The body is made of steel or aluminum profiles. It is covered with double-wall insulated panels, providing excellent thermal insulation. Panel is galvanized sheet and electrostatic powder painted on it. Glass wool as insulation material or stone wool was used. Fan and Motor: Standard centrifugal fans with forward curved blades are used as standard. The belt is pulley drive. Cooling and Heating Battery: High efficiency batteries with copper tube aluminum fins are used. Optionally, it is manufactured in accordance with 2 pipe or 4 pipe system. Filters: EU2 and EU4 cleanable filters are used. Cooling Copmressor: Hermetic, scrool or semi-hermetic compressors are used. Condenser: Optionally two types of condensers are used. • Air cooled condenser •Water cooled condenser Electrical Control Panel: Control of the system is carried out through this board.It is equipped with suitable capacity and number of switches, contactors, thermal, fuse, switch and similar electric shafts for fully automatic operation of the system. Cooling Circuit Elements: Dryer, sight glass, electronic expansion valve, solenoid valve, pressure proceses, flow-switch, cooling valves, water and air discharge valves are used for proper operation of the system.
    1 – The capacity values are given according to the outside temperature of 30 ° C for R407 C gas. 2 – Values are based on freefield conditions in 10 meter distance.