Axial Fan Cooling Towers
Usage areas;

•Air-conditioning systems
•Cooling systems
•Plastic,chemical,food,textile industries
•For different purposes

The water cooling towers used in cooling and air conditioning systems is produced in 22.500 – 800.000 Kcal/h capacity range.

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Tower Body:
All of the tower is produced with epoxy painted galvanized steel.

Drop Holders:
Holders made of plastic material drops through a special form of water droplets in the air download the minimum holding water loss.

Filling Material:
It uses bugudi filling material which keeps water and air contact at maximum level.It is resistant to high water temperatures and has low lime retention.

Axial Fan:
Electro galvanized coated, static and dynamic balancing long life axial fans manufactured from steel material are used. The fan is operated by direct coupling or belt pulley. Safety cage is removable in front of the fan.

Electric Motor:
IP54 protection class, having suitable power with the electric directly coupled or belt-pulley drive mechanism by means of axial fans. Around of the motor protection against external influences with isolated cabin.

Fountains :
Polyproplen fountains in the warm water pool in a homogenes flow down from the tower’s upper level,
ensuring the maximum level in the air combines with the water theme.

Water Feeding Flotator:
To accommodate evaporation and drifting water losses, a suitable flushing feeder was installed. Emergency and overflow connections are available for safety.